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From early childhood, the allure of far away lands and cultures have enticed me. The passion to travel to near, far and remote parts of the planet is one of my most primal desires. I have embarked on the pursuit of setting foot on what I think are the most breath taking and captivating corners of the world. This is an adventure that is worthy of dedicating a lifetime.

I am proud of the strides I have been able to make towards that goal. Most of my travels take me to pristine destinations which I quickly realized needed to be photographed with diligence to cherish and reminisce. While it gives me great joy to share the beauty of our planet, it is also deplorable that it is fast withering away due to unfortunate environmental and socio-economic reasons. I hope my work will inspire to instill the need to preserve and protect for future generations.

Here you will find images shot during my travels within the States and around the world that have taken me from the northern reaches of Iceland to the southern tip of New Zealand. All of my images are available for sale. If you like my style and quality of images and wondered how to shoot such pictures yourself, please contact me for photography lessons.

Last but not least, my sincere thanks to you for visiting RawCaptures and I hope you enjoy what I have to share with you today!